How to Pick the Right Photos for Winning First Impressions

Choosing photos for an online dating profile or any potential suitor is daunting. It’s hard to decide on the right angles, the right lighting, how many pictures to send...the list of things to consider goes on and on. How can one accurately capture themselves in 2-3 photos?

Consider this short guide to help you out:

No pictures over 5 years old.  

You want to send a photo that reflects what you look like now. You shouldn't be sending your HS yearbook portraits. Try to keep it within the 1-3 year range.

Lighting is important.

Try not to choose photos that are too dark. After all, people should be able to see how you look. Pictures with natural, outdoor lighting are almost always a safe choice.

Avoid Instagram and Snapchat filters.

While we all love a good flower crown filter, try to hold off on using these photos for spouse searching purposes. Filters often largely distort how we actually look, and you know, we all want to see those beautiful, natural wrinkles around your eyes ;)

No baby pictures.

I'm sure you were an incredibly cute baby, and probably an even cuter toddler. But save those photos for later on. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the first time they gush over your wild hair and chubby cheeks be in person?

Avoid weird crop jobs.

You know how when you crop a photo it can zoom in so close to your face you can practically see inside your pores? Don't use that picture. Try to have a healthy distance between your face and the screen in which your picture is being seen.

Angles, angles, angles.

A normal, front-facing picture with eye contact is always a good choice. You want to be sure people can actually see you in the photo, so make sure at least one photo is front facing. If you use 3 photos from only your “good” side, it’s likely he/she will pick up on this and want to see more photos. It’s also good to try and have 1 full body picture, to give an idea of height, body type etc.

Keep other people out of your photos.

Having other people in your photos can be very distracting. It’s better to send solo shots so there is no confusion about who you’re supposed to be looking at. After all, do you want someone thirsting after your already married friend or you?

Leave the nieces/nephews in the family group chat.

Guys - sorry, but gotta call you out here. I love that you love your baby niece, but girls often interpret this as “trying too hard”. Stick to professional headshots, solo Eid pics, or your most recent backpacking hilltop victory shot.

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Hoda Abrahim