Three Outdated Relationship Rules To Abandon in 2019

When it comes to relationships, many of us try to stick to rules or guidelines to help us navigate through rough waters. While some tips are very helpful, some are down right destructive. Ignore the voice in your head encouraging you to do these three things.

1.) Seeing a message and intentionally waiting to reply.

We’ve all done it. The person you’re getting to know messages you, and in an effort to seem less interested, you wait for X amount of time before replying. Have you ever thought about why we do this? Seriously, why do you need to pretend to be less interested in someone you are actually interested in? It makes no sense! Be honest with yourself about your feelings, and if you are excited and want to talk to that person, don’t hold back due to some archaic “rule” that you should keep someone waiting.

2)  3-day rule.

You’ve just met someone great and you can't wait to get to know them more, but some nagging part in your brain tells you that you should wait 3 days before reaching out to them again otherwise you might seem “desperate”. Ditch this rule pronto. Chances are they’re excited to get to know you too, so can’t we all be adults and just keep things moving forward? We all hate when this happens to us and racking our brains thinking “Will they reach out to me?” “Did they like me?” “Maybe I was wrong about our connection.” So please, don’t put anyone through this torture. Be mature and straightforward about your feelings and intentions.

3) The man should be the first one to say “I Love You.”

It is 2019. Women are rapidly changing the landscape of politics, technology, media, and science. It’s also time women lead the charge of their own love lives (subtle reminder that Khadija RA courted the prophet PBUH). Women no longer need to wait for men to give them the go-ahead to express their feelings. If you love someone, shoot your shot. It is okay to be the first one to admit it.

Hoda Abrahim